Extra Long Full Mattress Pad

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Full XL Mattress Pad

When it comes to comfort, hygiene and durability, a mattress pad is the best bet for your bed. A mattress pad is able to offer an extra layer of fabric and padding to create a deeper and softer mattress or one that offers extra support to your body. For many people with allergies, a mattress pad will also help keep allergies at bay, simply because it will prevent dust and mites from irritating you while you sleep. In addition, a full XL mattress pad will also help prolong the life of your mattress as well by preventing the natural wear and tear of sleeping on it and using it.

Depending upon your specific needs, you may be interested in a supportive or a soft mattress pad. Most full XL mattress pad types will be fairly thin, and are used to prevent stains from getting on the mattress, as well as to protect the fabric covering on the mattress itself. However, you can find mattress pads that are deep and cushioned as well. At Bedlinensetc.com, we can customize a mattress pad to the specifications you need. However, many people simply enjoy being able to order all of the different mattress pad types and sizes in one place with us.

As an added dimension to the benefits of using a full XL mattress pad on your full sized bed, it can actually save you money. A full sized mattress can be quite a significant investment, and will often cost you several hundred dollars. However, if you need to save money, you can get a mattress pad instead of having to buy a new mattress. The reason behind this is that a good quality mattress pad can actually help fill in the low or sagging spots of a mattress, and give you a good night's sleep, even on a poor quality mattress.

Whether you need a full XL mattress pad or an Olympic queen mattress pad, you can get all of your pads in one place with Bedlinensetc.com. We can customize special orders as well, so you know that you can find all of your bedding needs in one place. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our products, and you know that when you order from us, you are getting the best quality and the best prices. Enjoy our huge selection of bedding items, and see what we can do to give you a good night's rest.

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  • Size Full XL 54 inches x 80 inches
  • Machine washable
  • 100% cotton covering
  • Never press pad
  • No ironing required
  • Made in USA

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