Full XL Bunk Bed Caps

Full XL Bunk Bed Caps

If you have a large family, bunk beds can be a lifesaver. They provide maximum sleeping capacity in a minimum amount of space--and what's more, kids love them. Climbing up and down that ladder gives them endless satisfaction. Parents know that bunk beds get used for a lot of other things besides sleeping. By day, they might become elaborate forts, or play surfaces for games of cards, or a resting place for stuffed animals and dolls. At night, they are often reading areas, with one or more kids crowding onto one bunk bed next to an adult.

All this activity certainly means you're getting your money's worth out of your xl full bunk beds. But it usually amounts to something else, too: a mess! Even if you've tried your hardest to make your kids' bunk beds look their best by outfitting them with colorful linens and a matching comforter, you often come into the room in the morning only to find that comforter on the floor, and your top-bunk sleeper shivering.

At Bed Linens, Etc., we believe in simple solutions. That's why we carry bunkies, also knows as bunk bed caps, or bunk bed comforters, to put your bunk bed worries to rest. Bunkies are comforters made especially for bunk beds. They are elasticized around the bottom end, so they fit snugly beneath the mattress. No more sliding off in the middle of the night! We carry four sizes, twin, XL twin, full and full xl. If you have an odd size bunk bed please contact us as we can handle special sizes.

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