Full XXL Fitted Sheet

Full XXL Fitted Sheet

Full XXL Fitted Sheets – Shaping a Full Night's Sleep on Full XXL Fitted Sheets

When you have an extra long full sized bed, finding full XXL fitted sheets can be challenging. While you can find many full sized sheet sets online and in stores, the super extra long size sheets is still challenging even with the advent of the internet shops. But, we offer you the best selection of sheets to fit your special bed. Most that choose this size bed are taller than the average person is. That means they need extra space to sleep comfortably. With our selection of sheets, you will be able to sleep in comfort from all sides.

Your extra long bed may also have the challenge of being extra deep. Modern mattresses can be much taller than ones made even a decade or two ago. Finding full XXL fitted sheets to fit this profile is even more challenging. However, you have come to the right place. We offer deep pockets standard to our fitted sheets. These pockets easily handle mattresses up to 16" deep. If you have an even deep mattress, do not worry. We also offer the option of extra deep pockets that handle mattresses up to 22" deep. You do not have to worry about an ill-fitting fitted sheet again.

Bed linen fabric is a very important. Budget plays part of your selection. The higher the thread count, the more it will cost. But, you can find a balance between your investment and your comfort level. If you want a budget friendly option, we offer a 200-thread count polyester/cotton blend that gives you a great feel without the cost. You can get a higher count in our 100% cotton full XXL fitted sheets. We offer 300 to 1000-thread count in cotton. We also offer bamboo and flannel sheets to those that want the options.

Color selection is a serious choice you have to make. Color plays a part in giving a room the right mood. The right colors sheets will give you the look you want. Our wide assortment of colors gives you the choice you need. You might select neutrals to go with any room décor. Or you can select colors that coordinate with your current color scheme. You also have the choice of going with an entirely new look by choosing coordinating shams, bed skirts, and comforters from our selection. We are waiting to help you create the look you want here at Bed Linens, Etc.

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