King Fitted Sheet

King Fitted Sheet

King Fitted Sheets – Serving the King Fitted Sheets on a Platter

King fitted sheets are not something to sneeze at. A good bed must have fitted sheets in order to keep them properly made. Think about it. You do not need extra fabric bunching up when you are trying to sleep. It makes sleep uncomfortable. But, you do not need sheets too tight for the mattress. It makes bed making very difficult. Find a sheet that fits your king size mattress. And get sheets in a comfortable thread count so your skin feels like it is floating on a cloud. We offer sheets to fit any budget and style you might have. Give a look at our selection today.

Fitted sheets are a must for modern sleeping. A hundred years ago, there was no such thing. You used flat sheets on the bottom and tucked them in every night. But, that led to bunched up sheets and an uncomfortable sleep. Today, finding king fitted sheets is a must. But, deeper mattress profiles make this tricky. For mattresses up to 16" tall, we offer deep pockets standard on our entire selection of king fitted sheets. If you have a mattress that is taller, we offer extra deep pockets as an option. These extra deep pockets handle mattresses up to 22" tall.

Did you ever think that fabric plays a big part in how well you sleep at night? You would be surprised if you sleep on fabric that is rough and does not feel good against the skin. All of our fabrics offer you a good night's sleep. Our budget friendly option is a 200-thread count poly-cotton blend. For those that want a bit more softness, our 100% cotton sheets are the option you need to select. We offer thread counts from 300 up to the most luxurious at 1000. We also offer comfortable bamboo king fitted sheets for those that want a greener option. Flannel is a great choice for the cooler months of the year.

Color selection is not something to ignore. Colors make a big difference when giving your bedroom the best look it can have. Soothing colors and coordinated looks actually give you a better sleeping experience. We offer a good selection of colors in our fabrics. You can choose king fitted sheets that fit your current color scheme or go for something new. It is completely up to you. Options are the name of the game here at Bed Linens, Etc.

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