Olympic Queen Bed Sheets

Olympic Queen Bed Sheets

Olympic Queen Bed Sheets

Many people may be unfamiliar with the Olympic sized bed. It is actually an oversized Queen bed that is wider by six inches than the traditional queen size mattress. An Olympic Queen Mattress measures 66 inches by 80 inches. This allows you to have a better resting place during your sleep without taking up so much floor space in the bedroom. However, not all stores carry Olympic queen bed sheets, so it can get frustrating when you try to find good quality bedding locally. Thankfully, Bed Linens Etc., can offer you a full range of this size of linens in both fitted and flat sheets, and can give you the colors to choose from as well.

Our Olympic queen bed sheets are made of 100% cotton fabric, and you can choose the thread count to suit your needs and your budget. Generally speaking, the higher the thread count, the smoother and silkier the sheets are. In addition, higher thread count sheets tend to stand up to wear and tear a bit better than lower thread count sheets, and so are actually a better investment. Our Olympic bed sheets are also available for deep pocket and pillow top mattresses, so you will never need to look elsewhere for your bedding needs for an oversized queen mattress.

When you browse through our fine selection of Olympic queen bed sheets, be sure to take note of the deep pocket sizing on these sheets; generally they will work up to an extra 16 inches of extra mattress top. However, we can also accommodate extra deep pockets which run from 16 inches to 22 inches deep. If need be, we can even customize your sheets to match an unusual sized mattress, so you can always find what you need with Bed Linens Etc. We also offer olympic queen mattress pads, pillowcases and shams and bedskirts that will fit the Olympic sized mattress.

It is always a good idea to order an extra set of olympic queen sheets whenever possible; this way, you will always have a clean set when you do your laundry. Our Olympic queen bed sheets feature an extra strong elastic binding around the bottom to ensure that the sheet stays in place during your rest. Our sets include a top sheet, a fitted bottom sheet and two matching pillowcases, and you can find other bedding items in this size in one place. Our sheets are among the best available, and we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on our products.

We now have olympic queen bed sheets in flannel for the winter months.

If you are unsure of your bed size please use our bed size chart.

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