Olympic Queen Extra Deep Pocket Sheet Set

Olympic Queen Extra Deep Pocket Sheet Set

Many people do not have the space for a king sized mattress in their bedrooms. The Olympic queen sized mattress is ideal for people who want a larger mattress but who do not have space for a king sized mattress. This mattress is about 6 inches wider than a regular queen mattress, so you if you buy one of these mattresses, you will need to buy Olympic queen sheets. Olympic Queen measures 66"x80". You will also want to check your mattress depth to see if you have a deep pocket, 6"-16", or extra deep pocket, 16"-22". You should look for sheets that are designed for this size of mattress. At Bed Linens Etc. we have you covered for your deep pocket or extra deep pocket Olympic Queen sheet sets. If you try to put king size sheets on an Olympic sized mattress, the sheets will start to slide around on the mattress, which among other things will lead to an unrestful nights sleep.

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