Queen XL Sheet Sets

Queen XL Sheet Sets

Queen XL Sheet Sets – Raving About Comfortable Queen XL Sheet Sets

Comfort is the name of the game when it comes to queen XL sheet sets. Those few extra inches on an XL mattress can make a difference if you are taller than average. But, finding a sheet set to fit these larger mattresses can be difficult. You can look all the time in local shops, but you may have to special order to get the right fit. That is no longer necessary. We offer you a wide selection of colors and thread count to our customers. We want you to have what you want when you want it.

A proper fit is the basis for the comfortable night's sleep you desire. Do you like sleeping on sheets that do not fit the bed? Does your bottom sheet keep coming loose every night? We offer queen XL sheet sets that fit your bed properly. Our fitted sheets come with deep pockets standard. These deep pockets fit mattresses up to 16" tall snugly. If you have an even taller mattress, we have options for you as well. Our extra deep pockets will fit mattresses up to 22" tall. You do not have to worry about your bottom sheet coming loose again.

When selecting queen XL sheet sets, you need to consider your fabric choice. We offer cotton, polyester/cotton blends, flannel, and bamboo, among others. Thread count makes a big difference in how a fabric feels against the skin. The higher the thread count, the better it usually feels against the skin. But, you have to balance price against this thread count because the tighter the weave the higher the cost. We offer a lower thread count of 200 for the more budget conscious. We also offer 1000-thread count for those that want the ultimate in luxury. You will find the right balance between the fabric and budget.

Color is a big consideration in selecting queen XL sheet sets. Our fabrics come in a variety of colors. Each fabric color selection will vary. But, we carry many neutrals that allow you to coordinate your bedding with your sheets quite easily. The choice is completely in your hands. If you want an entirely new look for your bedroom, you can select from our assortment of comforters, shams, and bed skirts. You can do what you want with the assortment of options here at Bed Linens, Etc. Look through it today so you can have the bed you want within days.

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