Queen XL Sofa Bed Sheets

Queen XL Sofa Bed Sheets

Queen XL Sofa Bed Sheet Set – The Perfect Size Sheets for Your Sofa Bed

If you have a new sofa bed, you may have found that traditional queen don't fit it well. They may bunch, slide, and leave you frustrated as you try to make up a space for guests to sleep. The first step to getting the perfect sofa bed sheet set is to measure your sofa bed mattress. Traditional queen sofa bed mattresses measure 60"x74" with a thickness of anywhere from 4 to 6 inches. However, some queen sofa beds, often called true queen, super queen, or custom queen, actually measure 60"x80", a full six inches longer. These types of mattresses require a queen XL sofa bed sheet set (the XL stands for extra long).

Our queen XL sofa bed sheet set is specifically designed to help make your life easier and your guests more comfortable. Because we know that the convenience of sofa beds can be matched by the difficulty of making them, we make our sofa bed sheets in a special way. The set consists of a fitted sheet, top sheet, and two standard pillow cases. The top sheet is sewn to the fitted sheet to prevent bunching, slipping, and sliding. The attached design helps the sheets to stay on the bed snugly during sleep. Making up the sofa bed is also much easier with less tucking and bunching.

We can also make custom sized sofa bed sheets if you have an unusually sized sofa bed mattress. We offer you precisely what you need in a queen XL sofa bed sheet set at a great price. Our color options allow you to match your design aesthetic perfectly. You can pamper your guests with the luxurious feel of wonderful sheets. We have a variety of fabric options for your pleasure. You can choose from cotton blend, 100% cotton, flannel, or bamboo. With the 100% cotton, you can choose from several different thread counts. The thread count indicates how many threads are in each square inch of material. Starting at 200-300 thread count, the sheets will feel wonderfully soft, but the higher the thread count, the silkier the feel will be.

We have 100% cotton sheets in 300, 400, 500, and 1000 thread count. For our customers in cooler regions, our flannel queen XL sofa bed sheet set is made of double-brushed Portuguese flannel that keeps your guests wrapped in a soft and cozy cocoon all night long. For warmer areas, 100% cotton is very cool and refreshing. Bamboo sheets have a naturally 'stay-cool' quality. They are also naturally hypoallergenic.

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