Split King Bed Sheets

Split King Bed Sheets

Split King Bed Sheets – Luxurious Sheets for Your Split King

Split king bed sheets are a fairly new thing in the bed linens industry. Once upon a time, couples were at the mercy of a single mattress if they wanted to sleep in the same bed. Split king beds keep partners from feeling the other person tossing and turning and allow for different preferences for hard or soft mattresses. Some are even high-tech, with mattresses that can be elevated for a seated position or to lift the knees on one side while the other person can stay flat while sleeping. Split king bed sheets come in a set that consists of two fitted sheets, one flat sheet, and two king sized pillow cases.

If you have a therapeutic split king bed, you do not have to settle for uncomfortable or ill-fitting sheets. Our high quality split king bed sheets are made of premium, durable, and soft materials. You have a choice of 50% cotton/50% polyester, 100% cotton, flannel, and bamboo. Our 100% cotton sheets come in thread counts of 300, 400, 500, and 1000 threads per square inch. The tighter the weave, the higher the thread count, and the softer or silkier, the feel of the sheets. Our cotton is high quality Egyptian and Pima cotton from the Nile River Valley, Peru, Australia, and the Southwestern region of the United States.

Our flannel sheets stand out from low quality flannels on the market because we use double-brushed Portuguese flannel that is buttery soft and so cozy. Bamboo fiber sheets are immensely popular because they combine incredible softness, luxurious, and eco-friendly. They stay cool and comfortable even in very warm climates. In addition, our bamboo split king bed sheets are a very clean sleeping surface because they are naturally hypo-allergenic. In addition to these sumptuously soft sheet choices, you can also choose a color that complements your décor tastes from our many yarn-dyed vibrant colors.

In fact, to give you a finished bedding look, we also offer coordinated bed skirts and shams. For added comfort and the protection of your mattress, we make split king mattress pads too. You can even order deep pockets (6" to 16") or extra deep pockets (16" to 22") to accommodate thicker mattresses (including pillow tops). Our split king bed sheets and mattress pads are made in the United States. If you have any questions, our customer service professionals are waiting to answer them courteously, knowledgeably, and respectfully.

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