Split King Fitted Sheet

Split King Fitted Sheet

Split King Fitted Sheets – Greeting the Morning with Split King Fitted Sheets

Discovering split king fitted sheets is not an easy task. You have the convenience of a bed that gives you the room you need to sleep in comfort while being easier to move than a standard king. But, the split configuration can be challenging when it comes to finding sheets. You need look no further than our selection of sheets. We make sheets to fit any bed. We make a special set of sheets designed to handle the split king size perfectly. You can have the sheets you need to make your split king as comfortable and fashionable as possible.

Fitted sheets are a modern wonder. The standard way of making beds in the past was to put a flat sheet on bottom and tuck it in. That is still standard in many hotels and hospitals. But, those that are looking for sheets for home want fitted comfort. We offer split king fitted sheets that come standard with deep pockets. These pockets handle mattresses up to 16" tall. For loftier mattresses, we have an optional extra deep pocket that handles mattresses up to 22" tall. You do not have to worry about your fitted sheets coming loose any longer.

Fabric selection is essential for a luxurious feel. Cotton is a natural choice in bed linens. It breathes and offers a soft texture against the skin. You will find that we offer the best Egyptian and Pima cotton fabrics for your selection. Thread count is also something to consider when it comes to feel. The higher the thread count, the more luxurious the feel gets. We offer cotton split king fitted sheets in thread counts up to 1000. We also offer sheets in poly cotton blend, bamboo, and flannel. Our selection of fabrics will give you the feel you desire.

Colors are a personal choice. Everyone has a look desired when it comes to his or her bedroom. Sheet colors are a part of that look. Split king fitted sheets need to coordinate with the rest of the bedding. You will find our assortment of colors very deep. With your choice of fabric, you will have a rainbow of colors from which to choose. You do not have to compromise when it comes to color selection. And if you are ready to change other parts of your bed, we offer a full line of comforters, shams, and bed skirts to get you started.

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