Split Queen Sheet Sets

Split Queen Sheet Sets

Split Queen Sheet Set – Exclusively Made for your Split Queen Mattress.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It is your place to relax and rejuvenate after a hard day at work. Many people spend a lot of money to improve the look and feel of their bedroom. They focus on buying the right bed and the perfect mattress as well. However, a set of bad sheets can ruin everything for you. The case is clear if you have a split queen mattress in your bedroom but use a traditional sheet set to cover it. The traditional fitted sheet will fit the split queen mattress poorly. You may have to remake the bed every night. If you have one of those special, adjustable split queen mattresses, a traditional fitted sheet may defeat the entire purpose of the customization. The bottom line is if you have a split queen mattress, you should use a split queen sheet set.

The split queen sheet set comes with two fitted sheets that fit each section of the mattress independently. The set also consists of a flat sheet and two queen pillow cases. You will find a wide selection of split queen sheets at Bed Linens Etc. The fitted sheets will fit your 30 inch wide and 80 inch long queen mattress piece perfectly. We offer deep and extra-deep pockets on all our fitted sheets to fit thick mattresses along with their mattress pads. However, the sheets at Bed Linens Etc. are not only about fit, we also focus on the feel and the appearance.

You can find 100 percent cotton and flannel split queen sheet sets. The cotton sheets are available in many different thread counts including 200, 300, 400 and 500. If you like softer sheets with a silkier feel, you should opt for sheets with higher thread counts. All the split queen sheets are made with Egyptian or Pima cotton. The flannel sheets are soft and cozy as well. The Portuguese-flannel split queen sheets can keep you warm in the coldest of the winter nights.

Apart from offering sheets with many different feels for your comfort, we also have the widest selection of colors for your split queen sheets. Get sheets that match your furniture, walls, or your décor. We have everything covered for you. Throw away your crushed and cuddled up, and open your doors to a good night sleep with our clean finish split queen sheet set. Our customer service representatives are waiting to hear from you and to answer all your questions.

We also carry split queen mattress pads that fit perfectly on your mattress.

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