Three Quarter Fitted Sheets

Three Quarter Fitted Sheets

Three Quarter Fitted Sheet – Why Just Good Enough Will Not Do

A three quarters mattress is between a full size and twin size bed. They are perfect for a teenager's room or for a guest room. However, due to the fact they are not a standard size, sheets to fit them are not commonly available. A full size fitted sheet will do, but three quarter fitted sheets are available at Bed Linens Etc. Since it is available, a full size sheet that is simply good enough just will not do. Whoever is sleeping on it deserves better than good enough, they deserve a sheet that fits. Providing this will show love and compassion.

Many do not believe that sheet size matters all that much, but think about it. Sheets that do not fit are very uncomfortable. Sheets that are too loose come off during the night or bunch up and cause lumps. This does not make for a very good night's sleep. Check your mattress measurements as most three quarter beds are 48" by 75". A sheet of this size will slide over the corners of the mattress with ease, but fit snug enough to keep them from slipping in the middle of the night. It will also lay smooth without uncomfortable lumps and bunching.

Special sheet sizes are not cheap. A three quarter fitted sheet may cost more simply because of its odd size. However, it is still wise to opt for quality over price when purchasing. For one thing, since they are not widely available, it would be wise when one is available to buy one that will last. If two sets are available that is even better. Continual washing causes normal wear and tear. Some of this can be avoided by purchasing a higher thread count as well. This increases the strength of the sheet so that it holds up longer. High thread counts are also more comfortable.

Quality sheets cost more than other sheets, but in the long run it is worth it, and they get more uses as well. Just "good enough" is not good enough for any bed when it comes to sheets. A quality three quarter fitted sheet can last for years. At Bed Linens Etc., we carry three quarter fitted sheets in deep pockets and extra deep pockets - fits up to 22". We also have mattress pads for three quarter beds.

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