Twin XL Sheet Sets

Twin XL Sheet Sets

Twin Extra Long Deep Pocket and Extra Deep Pocket Sheets – Sheets that Will Fit Your Extra Long Twin Mattress

At Bed Lines Etc., we have you covered on your Twin XL Sheet Sets. Our Twin XL Sheets fits mattresses that measure 39"x80". We offer both Deep Pocket, 6"-16" and Extra Deep Pocket, 16"-22", sheet sets for Twin XL beds.

If you have a college student who is living in a dormitory, he will most likely need extra long sheets. Most mattresses even in college dormitories are thick enough that they require twin extra long extra deep pocket sheets. Your college student will not want to have sheets that do not fit and constantly come off the bed. Since college mattresses are not usually washed, you will want your child to sleep on a mattress cover and sheets that fit the mattress. This way you will know that he is protected from any bacteria on the twin bed.

Many twin mattresses sold in stores today are extra long. These mattresses are a popular choice for families because they are not too wide so they can comfortably placed inside a small bedroom. These mattresses allow a person to stretch out and can accommodate a tall person. You will have to buy twin extra long extra deep pocket sheets when you buy a twin mattress that is thick and extra long. If you try to force sheets that are not long enough onto this type of twin mattress, you will cause the sheets to tear.

The latest material used for twin extra long extra deep pocket sheets is bamboo. This material is taken from bamboo trees which do not require any pesticides or herbicides. When bamboo is harvested, it is taken from the tree and the tree does not have to be cut down. The bamboo tree will continue to grow. Buying bamboo sheets is a great step toward being kind to the earth. Bamboo sheets also are absorbent and will help you stay dry and comfortable. If you are a person who gets hot at night, you will not wake up sweaty when you sleep on bamboo sheets.

Thread count is the number of threads in a square inch. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheets will feel. When you are buying twin extra long extra deep pocket sheets, you will want to buy sheets that have a thread count of at least 200. A thread count of 200 will be adequate for most college students. If you are looking for a cotton or bamboo sheet that is very soft, you will want to choose twin extra long extra deep pocket sheets that have a thread count of about 300. Luxury sheets come in thread counts of 400 and higher. These sheets feel like silk against your skin.

We also carry twin xl cotton mattress pad. These are a must for your child leaving off for college to put on their dorm bedding.

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